Friday, 17 January 2014

Joey atlas scam - The pill ... get enough!

A new discovery of Italian scientists is a pill that swells in the stomach causing saturation. The management of research support that can inhibit the hunger for a few hours, helping to combat obesity. The tiny pill is powdery as it remains dry, and when taken with a glass of water, it is converted in the stomach into the realm of jelly. Produced from cellulose and therefore can be eliminated from the body. "It's like eating a plate of spaghetti," said researcher tried it. Those taking the pill you can eat a normal meal, but in small portions.'s Marketing is planned for May. Do yoga with your dog The new trend in America called «doggie yoga». Participants perform normal postures of yoga, while maintaining physical contact with their dog. Part of the course involves stretching and massage their little friend. "The puppies relax, calm and seem to enjoy the goodness of yoga," says Brenda Bryan, professor " doggie Yoga ". Enjoying the smell of your baby It is known that the smell of the mother of the newborn differs from the first moments of his life. Take advantage therefore to buckle up even more with your baby. • Use the same perfume, shampoo, soap and deodorant to smell the baby the same familiar smells.
 For the same reason, and tell your dad not to change care products. • When your baby is uncomfortable, give him a worn blouse you. The scent will calm down. • Tell Dad to stand or to sleep up because the smell of breast milk may cause the biggest upset. • The aromatherapy benefits and babies, since, according to research done in babies after a stressful visit to the doctor, most calmed by the scent of vanilla. The noise makes us sick! Palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, deafness, and mental disorders are some of the effects of noise that has invaded the city life. While sixty decibels is the intensity that can tolerate-no-harm the human body, unfortunately bombarded daily by noise over 90 decibels! According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is responsible for serious damage to the nervous and circulatory system, difficulty in concentrating in intellectual work and reduce the efficiency of workers and students. Also responsible for hypertension, increased risk of ulcers, reduced sexual desire, even fertility, temporary or permanent hearing loss and sleep disturbances.
Myth female chatter Women are more chatty than men, according to a scientific study published in the journal Science. Team of researchers from the University of Texas and Arizona after 6 years study concluded that men and women express daily almost the same number of words. Women express about 16,215 words a day and men 15,669. The small difference in the number of words, is not considered statistically significant, and the data are far from the usual stereotypes that women want to express words and 20,000 men only 7,000. Wholegrains against atherosclerosis Eating plenty of whole grains helps maintain healthy arteries and may prevent heart disease and stroke, according to findings published in the American scientific epitherorisi. In the group of men and women who participated in the study, those who were fed large amounts of whole grains had the thinner walls of the carotid artery and had lower progression of thickening of the artery wall in five-year horizon. As experts explain, "the increased consumption of whole grains represents a comprehensive and delicious opportunity to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

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