Friday, 17 January 2014

Joey atlas scam - Exercise ... against smoking!

The short but daily body exercise can help combat the need for a cigarette and withdrawal distress, argue researchers at the University of Exiter. According to this recent survey, gymnastics smokers do not think the cigarette and even observed to have no desire to smoke for about 50 minutes after the workout.
Furthermore, it was found that even a few minutes of exercise enough to combat stress, which is a major cause of desire to smoke. 'Smart' clothes will monitor our health European scientists under development machine that will monitor the state of our health. The "smart clothes" contain embedded sensors designed to monitor body fluids such as blood and sweat.
 The goal of scientists is to monitor certain groups, such as the chronically ill, the injured athletes and those recovering after a hospital stay. He has almost completed the development of a test patch with many sensors. As stated by the coordinator of the research program, Jean Luprano , soon, we will have a sticker with many sensors that can examine multiple parameters in parallel. The first version will measure sweat, and it is hoped that the technology will eventually make it possible to control the vital points of the body to assess the progress of healing and to detect diseases at an early stage through the control of metabolic disorders. The critical friends are bad for our health Friends who are critical, unpredictable and unreliable perhaps do harm to our cardiovascular health, U.S. researchers say.
The scientists found that the presence of such friends tended to increase the heart rate of participants and generally reached in the extreme. Moreover, the discussion of a negative episode with an ambivalent friend tended to increase blood pressure. The results of this study are based on tests performed on 107 healthy young adults who were asked to name ten friends and rank them based on a series of questions designed to assess whether the boyfriend was generally supportive or ambivalent. It is never too late ... Ultimately, it is never too late for one to decide to adopt healthy habits to protect their health. A new study showed that even at 40 or 50 to start watching his diet, to exercise and not smoking, can reduce by 40% the risk of heart disease and death in the coming years.

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