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Joey atlas scam - What is menopause?

Menopause is a normal period in a woman's life and is manifested by the cessation of menstruation. It is usually a progressive condition caused by the progressive decline of ovarian function, leading to reduced serum vital hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. The reduced levels of hormones disrupt menstrual cycles and eventually complete halt, accompanied by some unpleasant effects. Menopause can occur in case of the removal of the ovaries for medical reasons.

The interval between the reduced reproductive capacity until menopause called climacteric and lasts about two years. In normal circumstances, menopause occurs on average in women aged about 50 years, with extreme physiological differences the 40-58 years. What are the main impacts? The symptoms of menopause are physically and psychologically. It can last for months or even years, to be permanently or have exacerbations and remissions.

 The most common physical symptoms are: irregular menstrual cycles Hot Flashes night sweats sleep disorders vaginal dryness, itching and tissue shrinkage of the genitals, which sometimes leads to pain during intercourse dry skin dryness and vaginal mucosa frequent urination or incontinence frequent infection vaginal infections and urinary tract infections Osteoporosis Migraines headaches greater risk of cardiac events The psychological symptoms that can display one woman in menopause are: stress depression irritability and frequent crying insomnia lack of desire for sexual intercourse inability to concentrate attention memory problems discount mood and energy of How to deal Menopause is a natural process of the female body, so it is not necessary to administer treatment.
 However, because of the multitude of effects, some that are serious about the health of women, addressing their needs. Many women, therefore, start taking estrogen, ie HRT, which of course is not suitable for all women and therefore should be thoroughly discussed with the doctor and decide together whether to apply or not. Apart from medication, coping with menopause can be done by reducing the risk factors with a series of preventive measures, depending on each individual case. The most important are: - Stop smoking - Frequent aftopsilafisi breast mammograms per year for prevention of breast cancer - Proper diet, rich in vitamins and low in fat - Granting of vitamin D and calcium for slowing the loss of bone mass - Fitness on a daily basis

Joey atlas scam - The pill ... get enough!

A new discovery of Italian scientists is a pill that swells in the stomach causing saturation. The management of research support that can inhibit the hunger for a few hours, helping to combat obesity. The tiny pill is powdery as it remains dry, and when taken with a glass of water, it is converted in the stomach into the realm of jelly. Produced from cellulose and therefore can be eliminated from the body. "It's like eating a plate of spaghetti," said researcher tried it. Those taking the pill you can eat a normal meal, but in small portions.'s Marketing is planned for May. Do yoga with your dog The new trend in America called «doggie yoga». Participants perform normal postures of yoga, while maintaining physical contact with their dog. Part of the course involves stretching and massage their little friend. "The puppies relax, calm and seem to enjoy the goodness of yoga," says Brenda Bryan, professor " doggie Yoga ". Enjoying the smell of your baby It is known that the smell of the mother of the newborn differs from the first moments of his life. Take advantage therefore to buckle up even more with your baby. • Use the same perfume, shampoo, soap and deodorant to smell the baby the same familiar smells.
 For the same reason, and tell your dad not to change care products. • When your baby is uncomfortable, give him a worn blouse you. The scent will calm down. • Tell Dad to stand or to sleep up because the smell of breast milk may cause the biggest upset. • The aromatherapy benefits and babies, since, according to research done in babies after a stressful visit to the doctor, most calmed by the scent of vanilla. The noise makes us sick! Palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, deafness, and mental disorders are some of the effects of noise that has invaded the city life. While sixty decibels is the intensity that can tolerate-no-harm the human body, unfortunately bombarded daily by noise over 90 decibels! According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is responsible for serious damage to the nervous and circulatory system, difficulty in concentrating in intellectual work and reduce the efficiency of workers and students. Also responsible for hypertension, increased risk of ulcers, reduced sexual desire, even fertility, temporary or permanent hearing loss and sleep disturbances.
Myth female chatter Women are more chatty than men, according to a scientific study published in the journal Science. Team of researchers from the University of Texas and Arizona after 6 years study concluded that men and women express daily almost the same number of words. Women express about 16,215 words a day and men 15,669. The small difference in the number of words, is not considered statistically significant, and the data are far from the usual stereotypes that women want to express words and 20,000 men only 7,000. Wholegrains against atherosclerosis Eating plenty of whole grains helps maintain healthy arteries and may prevent heart disease and stroke, according to findings published in the American scientific epitherorisi. In the group of men and women who participated in the study, those who were fed large amounts of whole grains had the thinner walls of the carotid artery and had lower progression of thickening of the artery wall in five-year horizon. As experts explain, "the increased consumption of whole grains represents a comprehensive and delicious opportunity to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Joey atlas scam - Exercise ... against smoking!

The short but daily body exercise can help combat the need for a cigarette and withdrawal distress, argue researchers at the University of Exiter. According to this recent survey, gymnastics smokers do not think the cigarette and even observed to have no desire to smoke for about 50 minutes after the workout.
Furthermore, it was found that even a few minutes of exercise enough to combat stress, which is a major cause of desire to smoke. 'Smart' clothes will monitor our health European scientists under development machine that will monitor the state of our health. The "smart clothes" contain embedded sensors designed to monitor body fluids such as blood and sweat.
 The goal of scientists is to monitor certain groups, such as the chronically ill, the injured athletes and those recovering after a hospital stay. He has almost completed the development of a test patch with many sensors. As stated by the coordinator of the research program, Jean Luprano , soon, we will have a sticker with many sensors that can examine multiple parameters in parallel. The first version will measure sweat, and it is hoped that the technology will eventually make it possible to control the vital points of the body to assess the progress of healing and to detect diseases at an early stage through the control of metabolic disorders. The critical friends are bad for our health Friends who are critical, unpredictable and unreliable perhaps do harm to our cardiovascular health, U.S. researchers say.
The scientists found that the presence of such friends tended to increase the heart rate of participants and generally reached in the extreme. Moreover, the discussion of a negative episode with an ambivalent friend tended to increase blood pressure. The results of this study are based on tests performed on 107 healthy young adults who were asked to name ten friends and rank them based on a series of questions designed to assess whether the boyfriend was generally supportive or ambivalent. It is never too late ... Ultimately, it is never too late for one to decide to adopt healthy habits to protect their health. A new study showed that even at 40 or 50 to start watching his diet, to exercise and not smoking, can reduce by 40% the risk of heart disease and death in the coming years.

Joey atlas scam - At a Glance

Quinces ... for sweet dreams! Get rid of sleepless nights before lying drinking 1 cup of cold boiled decoction of quince leaves. Lemon Ice cubes A simple way to have lemon juice for all time ready for use is to squeeze lemons and put the juice in ice cube trays in the freezer. More fresh mushrooms To keep fresh mushrooms and white in good condition for longer Maintain the refrigerator, in a plastic jar covered with paper towels. Soybeans do not weaken! If you believe that eating soy will slim down, probably was unfortunate. According to a new U.S. study, the intake of foods rich in soy protein -12 with the aim of losing weight with no results. The omega-3 cheer us up! It is known that fatty fish like salmon and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which promote heart function.
But did you know that have a positive impact on our emotional world? Scientists argue that the higher the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, the higher the volume of gray matter in areas of the brain that affect mood and regulate emotions, thus feel more pleasant. Always towel on the sand and sun! During the summer months the chances for development of fungi proliferate. Besides the bacteria can one woman sticking from the sea, may also gain fungi from the sand, but the sun, as they have large microbial load. Experts are not wet towel comes in contact with the sand, as it does not offer complete protection from microorganisms. Therefore, it is better to spread first one mat down and after your towel, since this will provide double protection. Regarding the sun, and cover them with a towel, to be safer.
 Soy beans in pressure and cholesterol Half a cup of soy beans per day can be equally effective in lowering blood pressure with antihypertensive medications, according to findings published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. Dr. Francine Welch Medical Center in Boston, found that women with moderately elevated blood pressure showed a decrease in blood pressure after 8 weeks of consumption of soybean and drop in "bad" cholesterol. The much salt increases the risk of stomach ulcers Excessive salt consumption may favor the appearance in the body of the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. Apparently H.pylori (ulcer bacterium) is directly related to the diet of people it infects. So when there are high levels of salt in the environment of the stomach, the H.pylori overproduce factors that make it survive in the long term increases the risk of developing the disease duodenal ulcer.

Pain in the bones? Dive into the sea! - Joey atlas scam

All doctors recommend swimming in the sea for all musculoskeletal diseases (arthritis, lumbago, cervical syndrome). That's because the sea offers ideal conditions for its buoyancy, causing movements to be easily and pleasantly. Which style but bathing is recommended for each disease, what should I do and what to avoid during bathing? It is known that swimming is considered one of the best ways to exercise, and works the entire body harmoniously and evenly, with no focus on only one part of it, as is done with other sports. The fact that exercise is done in water and even sea, has an additional advantage that reduces the severe stresses of the body due to buoyancy. But did you know that swimming in the sea can even work therapeutically for certain musculoskeletal diseases that afflict many people? If you too belong to this category, find out which technique is most suitable for you depending on your condition. Bathing Techniques There are four basic swimming techniques: free or otherwise known as a crawl, backstroke, the breaststroke and butterfly. Know what works the muscle groups each, for which diseases and which consists contraindicated. Before we start swimming would be good to start a preparation of your body from the mainland, making some exercises that facilitate swimming and will give you confidence. That way you will not be totally unfit when you dive into the sea and thus avoid minor injury or other problems. Keep also in mind that you should not exaggerate neither the time nor bathing in the intensity of the rhythm, not to strain your body.
 The ideal is to slowly and gradually increase both the rate and the duration. Free or free style: Is the style of bathing learn from our childhood. It is an ideal exercise for the training of the muscles of the chest, abdominal and lower back, strengthens the heart and lungs and also works the arms, shoulders and legs. For all these reasons, it is recommended to people suffering from mild arthritis, such as ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, etc. and in formula myosyndesmikou lumbago. Instead, this style swimming contraindicated in individuals suffering from recent acid cervical syndrome or acute periarthritis of the shoulder. Backstroke: The backstroke swimming style works the abs, ieronotiaious, the glutes, the hamstrings, quadriceps, and the muscle groups of the upper limbs, shoulders and back. It also gives the body proper lineage and breathing is easier than that of the crawl. Recommended for people who suffer from chronic back pain, have injuries to knees, hips and ankle and those who suffer from cervical mild. Instead, you should avoid this kind of sufferers acute forms cervico-shoulder-brachial syndrome and acute diseases such as lumbo-sciatica, radiculitis and other inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Front: The front styling strengthens the muscles of the chest, makes the spine flexible and tightens the upper body. Therefore, it is suitable for those with stiff joints and not have to strain abruptly.
Thus, the forward swimming is ideal exercise for those suffering from arthritis, sciatica, backache and arthritic pains, kyphosis and scoliosis. On the other hand, you should avoid those who have stiff neck and lumbar spondylolisthesis. Butterfly: It's the toughest way of bathing and this because the torso part to the efforts of the whole movement. Named by the uniform motion of the hands, resembling a butterfly. This style is suitable for anyone who wants to train the chest, thighs, shoulders, arms, lungs and heart. In cases of people suffering from health problems rarely recommended, the one they do not know all the specific technique and the other because it is not good for people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. The only people who can implement this technique are athletes who know and provided that they are in the process of full restoration of their health. Of course, as any specificity of each disease, the doctor recommends proper swimming technique, often proposed a combination of four ways, or some variations tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Often recommended some additional exercises that can be done at sea, to make the most of the opportunity to be close to this precious liquid asset. Therefore, it is advisable before you start on your summer vacation to visit the doctor treating you and the physiotherapist (if you follow a physical therapy program) and consult them on properly swimming.

Joey Atlas Scam - Caution extra weight

Something that strongly favors the problems in the bloodstream is the extra weight. In fact borne calves and veins, increasing venous stagnation. This means that if you have extra weight, blood struggles to drift once again to the heart and therefore the liquid in the tissues tend to accumulate, causing swelling. The difficulty in movement not only in the veins, and the lymphatic vessels that carry lymph and help in the removal of most fluids and wastes from the body tissues. At the table It is very important to take extra care what you put on your table to avoid being overweight. You should choose foods such as fish, white meat, beans and plenty of fruits and vegetables, which besides having low fat and calories, and have valuable substances for the health of veins.
What do you prefer and what to avoid Food Why YES Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, reduce the permeability of veins and hinder the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Pasta & wholemeal bread Along with toast, whole grains at breakfast, fruits and vegetables provide valuable fiber, regulating the intestines and prevent the stagnation of the lymphatic circulation. Water Drink at least 1 ½ liter a day. Also, make good fruit juices and soups. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables (rich in water) helps to remove unnecessary fluids and combat swelling it. WHY NOT Oily foods sweets much butter or cream favoring many pounds, which burden the bloodstream. Alcoholic Half a glass of wine with dinner is good, because it contains antioxidants. Do not overdo it though, because alcoholic promote vasodilation. Beware, also, of the appetizers and drinks with high alcohol content, which is rich in calories. Salt Salt and foods containing it in a large quantity, such as the ripened cheeses, bouillon cubes, preserved and some processed food, favoring water retention and thus swelling. Pepper and paprika should be consumed in moderation, as borne vasodilation and thus the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Coffee Limit consumption of beverages containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate), a substance that probably favors the swelling. Exercise Another important factor to prevent problems in the movement is to exercise regularly with a mild manner. By moving, blood returning from the legs easily to the heart and fights the stagnation of veins, which is main cause of swelling it. The most ideal sports are aerobic, consuming calories gymnazontas the cardiovascular system and thus facilitate movement. Suffice walking 20-30 minutes every day or at least 3 times a week. To be effective, you must be a quick and continuous step, as the constant movement activates circulation. The precious water As an alternative or in addition to walking, swimming recommended for the massage of water favors the flow of blood and removal of superfluous fluid in combination with the effect of cool water which reduces swelling. For those who love swimming, there are classes in water aerobics.
 The beach is ideal for walking. Walk dipping your feet in the water up to the knee or thigh for 5-10 minutes. It will help you lose calories and improve blood circulation. In addition, seawater, and has the beneficial effect of salt, which attracts unnecessary tissue fluids, facilitating their excretion from the body. Beware of high temperatures, so avoid the beach at midday dangerous, refreshes your feet in the water every hour and drink lots of fluids. Spas Among the most enjoyable activities to improve traffic are the treatments in spas and wellness centers, which have special programs for calves. Caution, however, should avoid entering water with very high temperature over 33 degrees Celsius, because it favors vasodilation. Therefore, check the water temperature before you try it. Dancing, cycling, etc. To keep your feet in good condition and make good the following: cycling (in the gym, at home or out on the road) dance jogging. Good to be practicing at least 2 times a week for at least 40 minutes. Experts, however, point out that you should not do excesses in speed or duration because you may end up fatigue veins. Proceed at your own pace and gradually increase your performance, without overdoing it, especially when there has been time since challenging. Not recommended at all sports that require physical strength, such as lifting weights and Body Building . Attire The clothing is of great importance for the health of the feet. Very tight clothes hamper the blood circulation. Therefore, the ideal is to wear comfortable clothes and prefer lightweight fabrics that are not too hot. Do not wear boots when it's hot, because it can increase the temperature in the calves and helping heaviness. Caution also in shoes that are too high and too low, why not allow the foot to exploit the power of abstraction to facilitate the return of blood to the heart. The ideal for women is a 5.4 cm heel.